Sharing Large Files for Free

Ways of Sharing Large Files for Free

There are several methods to exchange files and documents with anybody and across platforms these days. Most systems, however, limit the file size that may be shared. There are specific websites that make transferring huge files easier for you.

So, in this piece, we’ll present the top websites for sending massive, bulky files online for free.


The service is a straightforward, no-registration file hosting solution that allows you to transfer files without regard for upload or download speeds. DropMeFiles offers batch upload, automatic deletion of the uploaded file after the first download, email notice of file availability, and password security for the download form. You can store files on the DropMeFiles server for up to 14 days. That is, the user does not need to keep the browser page open. The downloaded file can be deleted ahead of schedule by clicking on the link generated by the service.


WeTransfer, like DropMeFiles, allows users to transmit files of up to 2 GB in size.

To transmit a file or a folder containing files, you must include your email address as well as the recipient’s email address. The sender’s email will receive a confirmation number for sending the file, and the recipient’s inbox will receive a link to download the downloaded material.

Files are saved eternally, according to the service’s creators. Unfortunately, download management without registration is not supported, which does not reflect well on the popularity of this ad-filled service.


WeTransfer is a resource built by French developers.

Allows you to transfer files up to 4.8 GB in size; to transmit a file, you must enter the sender’s and recipient’s email addresses. If you do not wish to specify a mailbox, access the web application settings by clicking on the gear icon and setting the switch to Lion in the Param√®tres Type de partage section.

Then, once you’ve downloaded the file, you’ll be given a link to it, which you may email to the recipient in any way that works for you.


The service provides three forms of file exchange: sending a link to the recipient’s email, sending a link to the recipient’s computer, and sharing directly from computer to computer (Directs).

Without registering, just the last option is accessible. After uploading the file and selecting the transmit button, you will be given a 6-digit code, which you must quickly transfer to the receiver since the anonymous mode session period is restricted to 10 minutes.

The transaction begins when the receiver enters this code into the “Receive” area. Within the same 10 minutes, the receiver must have time to download the file.

Send Space

In the free mode, the service allows you to exchange small, up to 300 MB, files with a storage period of 30 days on the server.

When downloading, you must specify the recipient’s and sender’s email. Upon completion of the download, you will be given links to download and delete the downloaded content.