Avast VPN Vs NordVPN: Expectations vs. Reality

Nowadays, it is not an easy thing to find out which VPN is the best because of the great competition in the IT world. However, if you compare Avast VPN with NordVPN, it will become clear that they are considered among the best ones. Both of the networks have earned an excellent reputation, so be sure of their effective speed, durability, and complete security.

Server speed

Excellent server speed is important for everyone, no matter what you do with your VPN. The reality, however, is often a little disappointing as everyone knows that such a provider slows down the connection speed. So it is important to find a VPN that would do this as little as possible. However, the same VPN will work differently for different people as it depends on your initial connection speed, location, choice of servers, etc.

Both Avast VPN and NordVPN speeds correspond to effective and safe connection speed, regardless of users’ actions on the Internet. The networks have such encryption that affects the speed effectively resulting in excellent feedback during various VPN tests. Their speed didn’t demonstrate any slowdown on their servers at the time of connection.

Peculiarities of their Internet activities

A great number of Avast VPN and NordVPN protocols helps you maintain complete security, browser privacy, and fast connections. Their activities concern, for example:

  • Netflix and Streaming. They both have the best unlock speed for the given profiles on the vast majority of their servers. In this case, you can get access to a great quantity of Netflix directories and enjoy its best movies without any problems.
  • Some countries including China. China can censor and block many certain websites but these providers can disguise their Internet activity there.
  • Games. Both of them have a high speed which allows you to conduct sessions quickly and safely.
  • Torrenting. They include the various functions to be able to hide and protect their security while downloading torrents, as well as automatic shutdown functions.

Ease of use

Both VPNs are satisfactory and easy to use and have online customer support. NordVPN is fully optimized to provide users with the best experience — excellent navigation and functional aspects, very simple and clear design, etc. Avast is not complicated either — this is not something you need to worry about when buying any of these VPNs.


Making a choice between Avast VPN and NordVPN is rather difficult as both provide excellent service. Both of them have access to limited websites, hide your IP address, and eliminate cyber spying which indicates they are some of the best. Compare their services, and you can make a good assessment of which one corresponds more to your preferences according to their feature and price.