Avast use High CPU – What You Should Do?

This plain manual will depict the top effective ways to cope with the high CPU usage sometimes encountered with Avast on PC

What is the High CPU Usage?

The Central Processing Unit – we are accustomed to calling a CPU or a PC processor – implements the top vital functions on it. It receives the instructions and processes them so that your programs work in a proper way.

If one schedules too many tasks, the CPU becomes a bit over-occupied with them. In practice, one experiences extremely slow work of the applications and browsers. At this point, they are in a situation when the Usage of the CPU on their device has reached a critical point. Do you remember how you feel when snowed under constantly incoming objectives that require immediate fulfillment? Your brains boil the same way it happens with the CPU when it comes to 100% high use.

The methods of Solving Avast High CPU Problem

However, your computer may slow down because of one program. For instance, your Antivirus fulfills its daily mission by exercising a number of functions necessary to protect your device together with the data in on-line mode. By the same token, the trouble of the Avast service’s too high CPU consumption sometimes happens and is indeed irritating.

The following fix methods are recommended in such cases:

  • Update Avast to its most current version. You simply open the Settings section in the Menu of your Avast. The app suggests the renewal of itself and that of the virus definitions. Fulfill the two procedures.
  • Reset the Scan Frequency. Define its max value. Therefore, you decrease the BG monitoring and reduce the intake of the CPU. Mind, this modulation may fetch down a bit the level of protection.

To reset Avast Scan Frequency, head to the Command Line launched with the Administrator Permission and type in the path C:\Program Files\AVAST\ Software\Avast. Find the line avast5.ini file on the list, then tap it. Find [GrimeFighter] and prescribe ScanFrequency=999 there.

  • Repair Avast. In order to implement this, head to the PC Control Panel. Go to Programs and select Avast. You have to right-click it so that the Uninstall box appears. Launch the Uninstall Menu that will suggest two modes – Repair or Change. Opt for Repair. When the procedure is fulfilled, take care to reboot your PC.
  • Cancel the CleanUp Tool. Its mission is to release some capacities consumed by other apps. The whole thing is performed in on-line mode. To disable this Avast option, proceed to the user interface. There, in the Components section, opt for the Avast CleanUp Tool. Tap the download icon placed in front of it. Launch the Uninstall Component button. Launch the Restart after that.

These methods of managing the trouble of Avast high use of CPU are not that hard to execute but indeed effective. Thus, you can solve it just in several clicks.