A Foolproof Guide to Swarthmore VPN

A Foolproof Guide to Swarthmore VPN

Whether your campus is a college or a large workplace, these organizations have many computer resources that will benefit their students or employees. But such universities and corporations also need to protect their valuable data. So any off-campus remote access must be properly secured with a VPN doing the job of high quality.

Peculiarities of using Swarthmore VPN

Swarthmore VPN allows the students to get off-campus access to the external network at any time. You can find documents and student courses there connected to a banner that transmits confidential information. When you connect your computer to this VPN, the whole Internet traffic sends through the campus network to get access to the Internet. You should log in to the client again if you use it for over 10 hours or your device is inactive for 4 hours. If you need something to print, you should disconnect from the VPN, as many local devices may not work in this.

Process of Swarthmore VPN installation

Swarthmore VPN installation is not difficult how it seems at first sight. You should just follow these steps to install it on your computer:

  • Open your browser and enter the link http://swatvpn.swarthmore.edu.
  • Log in to your Swarthmore account;
  • Wait until Java is checked. If its detection fails, you will be offered to download a VPN.
  • Download the file to your computer by clicking the VPN link.
  • Open the installer downloaded already to install Swarthmore.

How to get connected

Like the installation, it is an easy thing to connect your computer on Windows to Swarthmore VPN. Do the following actions:

  • Run the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.
  • Enter swatvpn.swarthmore.edu as a server name and connect.
  • Enter your data of Swarthmore account: Username, Password, Duo Option (or Second Password if you log in for the first time).
  • Confirm your login with the Duo method from the previous step. You will get connected to the VPN but in case of failure, try it again.

If you want to stop the VPN session, click End Session on the client icon located on the taskbar. Your Swarthmore VPN will work until you stop the session. Moreover, you don’t need to go to the SwatVPN web page anymore after downloading the client.

Summing up

You should get connected to Swarthmore VPN if you need to use the system away from the campus. Using this VPN, you will change the location of your computer being on the Internet virtually. When connecting to this server from any place in the world, you can get access to the network resources locked within the campus network. However, if you want the program work without errors, install it, and get connected correctly.

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